Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank God for Peanut Butter

The other night I was at Pyro’s. Him, his mother, a couple friends, and myself were sitting around and making conversation. One of them mentioned how remarkable it was that with all my food allergies (intolerances, whatever you want to call it - I can’t eat a lot of stuff) that I could still eat peanut butter. She had a point by saying that peanuts are one of most prevalent food allergies. 

It got me thinking. 

A lot of rough times have hit around here lately. But I sure am thankful I have peanut butter.

It sounds silly; it may sound a little vain. 

But first off, of all the things I can eat, peanut butter is one darn tasty food. 

Second, peanuts and peanut butter are quite nutritious. 

Third, throughout all my issues with food (physically and mentally) peanut butter got to stay. 

It helped me a lot physically. Brought me vital nutrients, it helped keep my weight up when there wasn’t much I could or wanted to eat. 

Peanut butter is a small pleasure (okay, that I may have exploded a bit) in the grand scheme of things.

I take my food very seriously, and sometimes people around me don’t understand why. My mom would sometimes ask me why I wondered so much about what I was going to eat, or if I’d be able to eat what I wanted. Why I thought so much and planned out every meal, to make every meal count. 

Some of that might have been the mental struggle I faced towards food (and still do now and then). However, besides that, I think what it came down to is actually quite simple. There was a time where each food seemed like an enemy in the way my body reacted to it. Until my body began to get on a more healthy level, the foods that I could eat, that weren’t trouble for my system to digest, were things to celebrate. Each meal that I could eat without either my brain or my stomach bothering me afterwards was a reward. I still get that thrill now when I find new foods (good tasting new foods) that I can eat without issues from my body. 

What I went through (and still go through) with food seems major in my life and to my close circle of friends. I guess, in a way it is. But then I have to remember the fact that I do still have food to be thankful for. Also, there are foods I can eat. I have a friend, I haven’t actually seen her in a while, but we talk over Facebook or Twitter now and then. She’s often in and out of the hospital for stomach problems; her diet is much more restricted than mine, and her reactions much more severe. But she finds strength in God and her family and friends, she continues on. My friend is someone for those with food issues to look up to. 

I cherish my food. I am lucky to live in a part of the world where I can find food to fit my diet, and I am grateful. 

Especially for peanut butter.


  1. I agree 100 per cent. I eat peanut butter several times a day and thank God for it often.