Friday, November 9, 2012


For all the rude and “clever” comments The Boy (my boyfriend) thinks to say about my food. It turns out he’s not so normal himself.

(Well, I knew that already, but now he’s admitting it when it comes to food.)

In the last week, The Boy has been over twice while I was making a peanut butter and BBQ sauce sandwich. (A note of importance: He has never ONCE said anything positive regarding this combination.) The first time we were going to meet some friends after the hurricane at basically the only pizza place open. I knew they wouldn’t have any food I could (especially with limited supplies due to Sandy), so I made my sandwich. The second time was when he visited me in between his school and my work. I made the same sandwich in case I had to stay late over dinnertime.

During the sandwich making two amazing things happened.


Before we went out to dinner, as I was contemplating what to put into my sandwich, he asked me if I wanted to add onions.

This simple question is not just a BRILLIANT question (what flavorful, on-the-go-sandwich appropriate ingredient could be tastier than onions????). It also proved that he was slowly, but surely, beginning to think in my strange ways (and not just to poke fun of them).


While making my sandwich for work, The Boy actually TASTED the BBQ and peanut butter mixture.

And get this.

He liked it.

So what’s all this to do with cookies?

Well, last Friday night, The Boy and I were hanging out and as usual we had no idea what to do. Then, he comes up with an idea (he came up with it earlier in the day, but brought it up again in our lack of knowing how to spend the night).

The idea by itself should be documented, let alone the fact we actually went through with it.

The Boy randomly says, “We should make peanut butter and BBQ cookies and see what they taste like.”

Our recipe consisted of…
1 1/2 cup peanut butter
1 1/2 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
2 eggs
1/4 cup of each BBQ sauce (separate from each other)

For the peanut butter we just used my homemade stuff (which, he still isn’t a giant fan of, but I don’t mind. More for me!)

We made enough to split the batch into three for testing.

One was plain peanut butter (the control batch, if you will).

The second was peanut butter and BBQ sauce.

And the last was peanut butter and honey BBQ sauce.

After baking them, we both decided that out of the BBQ type we liked the honey BBQ best. It added a nice kick of sweetness. Plus, the other BBQ had a strange ting at the end of it; it was still tasty, just a little off.

It was nice to have a partner in my crazy cooking experiments.

(The winners, the honey BBQ)

(The still tasty, yet less so, original BBQ)

(The all-time, ever-tasty plain peanut butter)

(We had some leftover batter from the BBQ batches…)

**If you decide to make these with BBQ sauce, I would suggest adding a little more peanut butter just helps them thicken up, ours were a little thin, but still good.


  1. I am strangely attracted to this combination...

    1. Try it. Trust me. Just do it!

      The BBQ adds a nice little something extra to the peanut butter. If you go for the cookies, I definitely recommend the Honey BBQ. But if you're going for just a sandwich (or even a dip for apples or veggies) I'd suggest either, though for that type of thing I usually stick with original BBQ.

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