Friday, November 2, 2012


Sausage and Green Pepper Pizza

It’s a weakness.

The way it looks; it’s practically begging me to eat it. The way it smells; the aroma hovers underneath my nostrils taunting me.  It’s awful.

Of all the things I cannot eat… Sausage and green pepper pizza is my kryptonite.

No, I have not yet to give in and eat the deliciously white flour packed crust on which lies a little piece of heaven on earth. But don’t think I don’t think about it.

But then…My abnormal tastebuds kick in and I begin thinking of homemade substitutions.

Are you ready??

You’re sure??

Okay. Here it is.

First, instead of white flour crust, I would buy a 100% whole wheat pizza crust. No unbleached or enriched flour for this girl. (Yes, I could make my own, but seriously? I’m not THAT desperate. Though now looking around…That may be my only option.)

Second, I would buy some green peppers, chop them up all nice and neat. I’d also do the same with some luxuriously yummy and slightly spicy sausage.

But wait…What about cheese? I’ve had cheese-less pizza before. But this is a sausage and green pepper pizza. This is supposed to be delectable. If I’m going to make my own version, I’m going all the way. There HAS to be some sort of cheese substitute.

I could go the way of rice cheese or soy cheese, but I’m not a huge fan of them. Well…I don’t think I am.

So what is my next immediate thought? What is the one ingredient I always go to for a thick, gooey, melty texture?

Peanut butter.

Sausage, green pepper, and peanut butter pizza on 100% whole wheat crust.

That’s not…too weird…is it?

Maybe I am going a little crazy. My peanut butter obsession may be climbing to a clinically insane level.

But in all honesty a sausage, green pepper, and peanut butter pizza on 100% whole wheat crust…Just doesn’t sound that bad to me.

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