Friday, November 16, 2012

My Golden Ticket

Okay. So I may have gone a little crazy.

When cutting out all these various foods, I may have expanded my love for certain food groups a tad too much. Well, okay, maybe not ENTIRE food groups… More along the lines of just one, extremely tasty, heavenly, sweet, savory, delectable food item known around the world.

Peanut butter.

As a child, peanut butter was my alternate option for protein. A good scoop of peanut butter got me out of eating chicken, beef, fish, the oh so dreaded pork chop, and other proteins my mother tried so diligently to get me to like that I rejected. It was also used for those out of control blood sugar drops.

Hannah starts crashing? Crying and fighting due to need of food? Stick a spoonful of peanut butter in her mouth, that’ll shut her up!

It was like a magical food.

Peanut butter was my Golden Ticket.

Now, in my late teens/early adulthood, peanut butter is a main staple in my diet. I’ll be honest; it’s probably half the reason for all the strange comments and looks I receive daily.

Okay, maybe not the peanut butter ITSELF. But most likely my strange obsession with it, or all the odd things I pair with it.

Though it could also be the sheer amount that I consume daily…

My mom asked me a few days ago, “Have you checked the toxicity level of peanut butter?”

Like I said before, when I’m creating my own dishes, experimenting with food, it’s where I can go and just totally be myself. It’s not the only place; however, it’s definitely one of my top escapes.

Coming up with tasty dishes that I can freely enjoy without subsequent repercussions from either my blood sugar or my stomach… It’s like… Words cannot describe.

Those who are reading this and dealing with any food restrictions know what I’m talking about.

Peanut butter replaces cheese, meat proteins in some meals still, and I use it in various sauces I’ve concocted. It’s an all around necessity in my kitchen.

Peanut butter is even the deciding choice for what friend I’ll stay with during the Zombie Apocalypse. I had three offers, I told them each, whoever is willing stock enough peanut butter (that is, if enough peanut butter could be stocked to keep me satisfied) will be able to have my darling presence during that horrific time. (Surprisingly, it narrowed my options quite nicely.)

Yes, I’ll admit, peanut butter isn’t exactly the best for those watching their fat intake. Yet for a girl needing help to keep up her weight, with a diet low in proteins and magnesium and the “good” fats, peanut butter remains my golden ticket to this day.

It’s a weird and wacky world I’ve created through my diet, but as long as the normal world never stops producing peanuts, I’ll be happy.


  1. I'm with you on the PB love! Sorry your diet restricts you so much, but as long as you're trying to keep your weight UP & watch that you're buying the PB's without hydrogenated oils & high sugar, you should be fine. ;-) I love me some PB daily, but I have to watch the amount of calories I consume for my weight. I could easily eat an entire jar, I just love it so much. At least it's a protein rich food with healthy fats in it.

    1. Glad to meet another!

      I make my own. I realized how easily it was to make and haven't gone back since. Of course now and again I use store bought but mostly for little things or certain recipes. My peanut butter contains only peanuts, no extra oils and since I like to watch my salt intake I just left it out completely. I do have an issue with keeping up my weight, so in one way I'm glad for it because I get to indulge in peanut butter so often. I could easily eat a jar as well, I try not to though, even with a low weight...That's a lot of calories...Haha. Mmmm, the protein and healthy fats are some of main reasons I left it in my diet.

      Thanks for the visit and comment! Feel free to share my blog around! Hope you enjoy it!