Saturday, May 4, 2013

Follower Favorites on How To Eat Peanut Butter

For the month of April (or at least most of it) I ran, what I call, a Peanut Butter Promo. Tell me what way you BEST like eating peanut butter and why, and I’ll feature you on my blog. I ran it mostly through Tumblr, but it visit Twitter as well.

I ran this for a few reasons. First, so I could get to know a few more of my followers on Tumblr. Also, to get my own name out there a little more. And thirdly… To see how others enjoy this wonderful food we all come here to enjoy and marvel at. I wanted to see if I could gather any new ideas.

I didn’t get too many responses, but I liked the ones I got. So in a list (in no other order than who responded first) here are some favorites from Tumblr.

On a piece of toast topped with honey and raisins :) It’s delish and a great breakfast combo”
[Toast...peanut butter...honey... Also a favorite of mine.]

“I like it on waffles :)”

“On top of my oatmeal, it melts into my oatmeal and tastes amazing!”

“As well as the existing replies, I love to top my carrots with PB as well  as Australian Weetbix topped with PB then dipped in yoghurt! Yum! :)”
[Okay, so I eat carrots and peanut butter all the time. People around here look at me like I'm crazy! Anyone else enjoy it this way?]

“on a sandwich with strawberries and banana (but you already knew that) !”

“with oatmeal,banana,chia seeds, hemp hearts cos it makes me happy and feels like my taste buds are dancing =)”

“straight up out of the jar :$”

“Drizzled on top of a warm sweet potato, because that my friend is pure heaven in a combo!!!”
[Pure heaven for sure...]

“Two spoon fulls of peanut butter in the blender along with milk and chocolate protein shake after workout. :)”

“i eat it in between two kallo corn cakes because it is so crunchy and delicious - it is also perfect for a post-gym boost! xx”

“My favorite way to eat peanut butter is straight from the jar because it’s that good :)”
[It is just that good.]

“dolloped onto warm cookies!”

“I like to get a spoon full of it, make a hole, pour honey into said hole and fold the PB over top of it and then eat it!”

i love peanut butter in pb&j sandwiches and/or on nutter butter french toast. and my gf loves its on multi grain toast :)”
[Your girlfriend is a smart lady, you should keep her.]

peanut butter with bananas and raspberry jam (bonne maman) because it’s heavenly delicious :D”

“On a crepe, perhaps with nutella mixed in, and strawberries. It’s so delicious but not too sweet”

“on a spoon!”

“with a giant spoon :)”

[I love how you specified "giant spoon," perfect.]

If you have anymore suggestions, I'd love to hear from you! Plus, give me some weird ideas to enjoy peanut butter. Always looking for more.


  1. whoever myshorthairisedgy is, i thank you for that idea :)

    1. I know, right?? I'm hungry just by thinking about that one...