Sunday, May 19, 2013

Can I Just Complain...

Can I just take a minute to complain? I stick to my diet; I cheat now and then, but usually only just a bite. For the most part, I just find alternatives. I work out. I keep a steady schedule. I sleep on a normal basis, except weekends are usually off. So all in all, I’ve earned my minute of grumbling reflection.

For those who don’t know (feel free to read my story: “Why I Can’t Eat Normal”), my body decided to kick my butt into health gear. It decided (by itself, I might add) that it didn’t want to deal with a good deal of the food that encompasses America.

A short review.

I cannot eat white flour (unbleached, enriched, white, any of that); refined, granulated sugar (the natural stuff’s alright, but not too much); dairy; fried foods (usually because of the batter); bananas, avocados, oranges; and some artificial sweetener/sugar alcohol thingy called sorbitol. (Oh, plus, I’m also vegetarian. Due to the fact I can’t eat dairy and rarely eat eggs, I guess that sort of makes me almost vegan.)

First, I’d like to complain about bananas. I have this thing called Fruit-Latex Syndrome. Yea. Wahoo for me.

Bananas. They’re nutritious. They’re tasty. If you like it, the texture is quite desirable. Good for a quick snack. So yea, I guess they have their pros. (That’s sort of a lie, I really wish I could eat bananas.)

But honestly, another let down about not being able to eat them? Peanut butter is ALWAYS have to be paired with bananas!

Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

Second. Gum.

Do you know what is in like 99.9% of that chewy, sweet, jaw-entertainment, breath-freshening treat? Sorbitol.

This excessively used sweetener happens to swell my stomach to an uncomfortable size of an early pregnancy (of which, I am not). However, I had a terrible gum addiction. I mean, to the point where I’d chew gum, take it out to eat, finish eating, and grab a new piece (or two dependent on the type of gum). Now? I can’t eat most it. The Boy did find a type of gum I can eat. But still! That’s a whole lot of gum that’s out of my reach.

Third. White flour.

I won’t complain about this one often. I’m actually sort of grateful I can’t eat it. Recently, however, pizza has smelt extra good. And I don’t think you can understand how much I miss egg rolls. I keep telling The Boy and Pyro that one of these days I will suck it up and brave to eat an egg roll. The stomach pain can’t last too long, right?

I don’t know if that’ll happen…But man, I miss egg rolls. Plus, The Boy doesn’t like them and is always putting his up for grabs.

Four. Smores.

I’m not sure anyone understands how depressing it is to not be able to eat smores. I mean, I guess I can sort of handle the marshmallow, it’s basically all sugar, so my blood sugar wouldn’t be too happy, but whatever. Not being able to have milk chocolate sort of sucks, but dark chocolate is like a million times better anyhow. (Although, even finding dark chocolate without dairy is difficult.) The real kicker? I can’t eat graham crackers. I can have one type, but they’re Annie’s so they’re bunnies (kind of hard to make smores with them, though they are tasty). I have yet to find any graham cracker (pre-made and store bought) that I can eat. I love graham crackers. I love smores. I miss them.

I probably could continue to complain, though it won’t help. It may relieve temporary frustration, long term it won’t do much. Besides, I don’t wish my life any other way. I like where I am and how I have to eat.

To counter balance my complaints and finish up this post, here a few ups from this past week.

The Boy made Johnny Cakes!

I have cinnamon raisin bread again.

Oatmeal is always a win. It’s quick oats (usually I eat old fashioned); these are quite tasty!

I’ve also enjoyed a few cold veggie salads.

Plus, a fortune cookie!


  1. so did your irritation from these foods that you like start after your strict diet regiment in high school?

    1. My strict diet is a result of the irritation I have from these foods. As I started working out and paying attention more to my hypoglycemia, I realized my body had symptoms and reactions that were not supposed to happen or made sense. I went to my doctor and an endocrinologist (for my hypoglycemia), but not many answers were found. So I began to connect the reactions to different foods I was eating.